We are a group of very creative
-almost mad- people... with a lot of love for music!

Each of our team has worked in recognized music companies and has the passion and the artistic criterion to help you get the result you deserve.

Music band members and session musicians in a wide range of musical styles can be a positive influence on your work and at the same time will be able to understand your demands and concerns. It is very important to be with creative people who understand you and that is something we know very well. It is a fact that an inspiring team always leads to success.

So we have the equipment, we have the studio, we have the mood, we have the passion .. bring us your talent to get started!

Live Audio & Video capture for creative musicians.

We have created a place of musical creation and live recording with great care and dedication. We address music bands as well as individual artists who need a live and a video recording of their material at the same time. You can use our complete music production and video recording system to play and record your work and even make use of our post production and video montage services. We only need your talent and your good mood.. leave the rest to our professional staff!

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Complete Production

Audio Visual Content

Perhaps you’ve noticed that more and more renowned musicians worldwide make live recordings and productions. I can guarantee that they don’t do it without reason. Everyone knows that live recording has a much greater impact on the listener and brings the artist closer to his audience.

Undoubtedly, we live in the era of the audiovisual and, more specifically, in its mobile version. Most viewers nowadays hear and watch their favorite artists via video on their mobile phones and that’s exactly what your audience will do too. So, the best you can do is to combine your music with video by creating a single audiovisual material ready to be uploaded to the internet!

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